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About 01v96 Remote version 3:



01v96 Remote version 3 is an iPhone App to remotely control the parameters on
a Yamaha 01v96 Mixing Console via WiFi. Imagine the advantages of being
able to wander around an auditorium, tweaking mixes and settings from your iPhone!

Note that the 01v96 responds to changes made on the iPhone. If changes are made
on the 01v96, the faders on the iPhone move accordingly (known as 'handshaking')

A typical setup is shown below:

Typical 01v96 Remote v2 Setup

The hardware/software requirements are as follows:

Hardware: iPhone 3GS or later, Mac or PC with WiFi and USB, 01v96 with latest firmware.

Software: iOS4 or later, and installed on the host computer: UMMU Server, latest version of the Yamaha 01v96 USB MIDI Drivers.



Installing and using UMMU Server:


Firstly, download UMMU Server for Mac or Windows http://www.strongsoft.co.uk

Then follow the installation instructions included in the download to install the software to your host computer. To use 01v96 Remote v3, UMMU server must be launched first, then the 01v96 Remote v3 App (on the iPhone).

When the UMMU Server is launched, you will see the following window (MacOSX pictured):

UMMU Server

Once this window is visible, you should be able to set your MIDI routings using the pull-down menus- once
you've done this, you're ready to go!

Using 01v96 Remote v3 when there's no WiFi network Available:

To do this you must create a computer to computer network (P2P):

In the Airport menu (see below), click on 'Create Network':-


Airport Menu

In the dialogue box that appears, type a name for your P2P network (anything will do!)


P2P Dialogue Box

The airport icon will change to the P2P icon (see below):-


P2P Network Created

You can now connect to this network from your iPhone in 'Settings' > 'Wi-Fi'. Just select your P2P nework name from the list.


iPhone > Settings > Wi-Fi Menue



Setting up the 01v96:



Make sure you have the latest version of the Yamaha 01v96 USB MIDI Driver installed on your host computer. You can download it from:


Then configure the 01v96 DIO and MIDI settings in a fashion similar to the screenshots below. If you don't want to use Yamaha Studio Manager, set that box to '-'.

01v96 Screenshot #1



01v96 Screenshot #2

Your 01v96 should now be receiving MIDI from your iPhone with 01v96 Remote running on it.

NB. While the 01v96, and the iPhone communicate both ways (known as 'handshaking'), at start up, the 01v96 doesn't know what state the iPhone is in. To resolve this, you need to either press the 'send' button in 01v96 Remote, or 'loadl a scene from the 01v96 Remote 'Library'.

It's probably a good idea to have a 'scene' in the 01v96 that matches either the 01v96 Remote Default State, or a scene in the 01v96 'Library.

Note that you can change the behavior of the way in which 01v96 Remote behaves on pressing 'send', and on loading from the 'Library' as follows (You do this in 01v96 Remote 'Preferences' - Preferences button outlined in red below):-



Using 01v96 Remote in conjunction with Yamaha Studio Manager:

You can use Yamaha Studio Manager(YSM) with 01v96 Remote, provided you use a different port for transmission/reception of the YSM data. YSM sends out a massive amount of data, which if routed to UMMU server can cause serious problems with unresponsiveness, and can even cause loss of transmission in either direction. If you have persistent problems, just use 01v96 Remote without YSM.




Troubleshooting and FAQs:



1. 01v96 not receiving MIDI...

Make sure you have a good Wi-Fi connection - No Wi-Fi, no MIDI!

2. Faders on 01v96 are jittery...

Check your MIDI routings in UMMU Server, and in the 01v96 MIDI setup pages.
You will find that there is more latency and jitter on a normal WiFi network. For optimum performance
use a P2P network.

3. Nothing seems to work properly...

It's likely that the 01v96 is sending out a glut of Sysex! Make sure you have things routed correctly in
UMMU Server. If all else fails, reboot both the iPhone and the host computer, and try again.




New features in version 3



In the main Fader page, if you touch on the fader track above or below the fader thumb, you will be presented with the 'Fader Fine Trim' View:

Fader Fine Trim View

Here you can take advantage of the full height of the screen to do fine fader adjusments. Click the red 'X' button to return to the main window. You can also click the green 'N' button to immediately snap to 0dB.

Clicking anywhere in the fader overview panel:

Fader Overview Navigation

scrolls the Fader Scroll View to the corresponding position, thereby allowing very quick navigation to faders not in view.

Clicking on the orange pencil icon opens the channel names view, where you can names the channels in 01v96 Remote, and if you wish, send these names to the 01v96 by clicking the 'send' button:

Send Names Button 

By clicking on the 'Get Names' button, you can pull the names from the 01v96 console, into the 01v96 Remote App.

Ckicking on the 'Get 01v96 Params' button gets the current state of the console, and transfers it to the 01v96 Remote App.

A more comprehensive help will follow.



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