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About X Air iEQ:



X Air iEQ is an iPhone App which has the following features:

  1. Audio Analyser having Oscilloscope, FFT, Sonogram and 1/3 Octave RTA Bargraph views.
  2. 31 band Graphic EQ which can control the EQ Racks in X Air series of consoles, and can also control a group of Behringer DEQ2496 EQs via MIDI over WiFi

A typical X Air setup is shown below:

Typical X Air iEQ Setup

A typical DEQ2496 setup is shown below:

Typical DEQ2496 iEQ Setup

The hardware/software requirements are as follows:

To run an X Air Console:

A wireless router and Ethernet cable, or use the built in router.

Hardware: iPhone 3GS or later, or an iPad

Software: iOS6 or later.

To run a DEQ2496:

Hardware: iPhone 3GS or later, iPad, Mac or PC with WiFi and USB

Software: iOS6 or later, and installed on the host computer: UMMU Server and a suitable MIDI Interface (ie MIDISport 2 x 2).




Installing and using UMMU Server (only required for DEQ2496):


Firstly, download UMMU Server for Mac or Windows http://www.strongsoft.co.uk

Unzip the UMMU Server App, and place it in your Applications Folder (Mac) or your Programs Folder (PC). UMMU Server must be launched first, then the X Air iEQ App (on the iOS Device).

When the UMMU Server is launched, you will see the following window (MacOSX pictured, using MIDI Interface):

UMMU Server

Once this window is visible, you should be able to set your MIDI routings using the pull-down menus - once
you've done this, you're ready to go!

Using X Air iEQ when there's no WiFi network Available (for DEQ2496):

To do this you must create a computer to computer network (P2P):

For PC: Google 'Setting up a P2P Network on your PC.

For Mac:

In the Airport menu (see below), click on 'Create Network':-


Airport Menu

In the dialogue box that appears, type a name for your P2P network (anything will do!)


P2P Dialogue Box

The airport icon will change to the P2P icon (see below):-


P2P Network Created

You can now connect to this network from your iPhone in 'Settings' > 'Wi-Fi'. Just select your P2P nework name from the list.


iPhone > Settings > Wi-Fi Menu

Finally set your UMMU Server SEND IP settings to the IP address of your iOS device:

iPhone > Settings > IP Address




Setting up the Console:


Set up the IP address of the console as per the X Air manual. Enter the X Air IP address into the X Air iEQ App in the Settings View ( you will need to select X32 in the Settings View before the X32 IP button becomes visible)

Settings View with X Air option selected

X Air iEQ Settings View with IP dialog open





The FFT View:

FFT View




This view loads by default on launch. You can access the oscilloscope view by deselecting the FFT button.



The Oscilloscope View



Oscilloscope View



See Above.



The Sonogram View