PowerSaveUPS version 3 (Mac only) - available now from the Mac App Store!
  • Elegant user interface
  • Two levels of shutdown protocol - Soft (Graceful) and Hard (Non-graceful)
  • High Sierra compatible
  • Built from the 'ground up' using XCode
  • Does not require Java
  • Example Scripts provided
  • Write and run your own scripts
  • Ability to save open documents as time-stamped PSUPS Back-Ups
  • Know that if you're away from your computer, in the event of power failure, your work will be saved
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PowerSaveUPS and Yosemite - Enabling Assistive Devices in Yosemite
UMMU Server v3 Mac

Enabling Assistive Devices in Yosemite.

You will need to navigate to: -

System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility

And add PowerSaveUPS to the list of Apps allowed to control your computer. You will need to click the lock, and authenticate to do this.



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