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PowerSaveUPS - Taken from the Germany App Store - 20/9/2016

PowerSaveUPS - Taken from the App Store - 9/6/2012

PowerSaveUPS - Taken from Version Tracker site - testimonial left by art2science on 23/3/2010

I started using this with version 2.001 and am now running 2.010 on two Macs, both Snow Leopard 10.6.2. I bought it when I discovered that it worked with an old Belkin UPS I had, which is unsupported by the manufacturer on Mac OS X. I now have it running with two different APC units, one old, one new, and it works perfectly with both. It uses custom Applescripts to enable you to tailor your shut-downs in the event of power failure but will work perfectly adequately with the basic scripts supplied, with minimal tinkering. I'd never done much Applescripting but found it easy to see what the scripts were doing and amend to suit my needs.

The developer is very responsive to questions and suggestions - the e-mail alert feature in the event of power outage came about via correspondence and a suggestion I made for such a feature. Now, if the power fails I get a message on my iPhone to that effect immediately, before the soft shut-down sequence commences, and I get another message when it comes back on (power in my area is prone to disappear for very short periods so this is useful). These alerts are independent of the Soft Shutdown sequence, so if you don't want everything to close when you get a temporary blip in power but need to know when one occurs then it's very useful.

All in all an excellent app that offers much greater control than the built-in power settings in Energy Saver UPS preferences.

PowerSaveUPS - Taken from Version Tracker site - testimonial left by tinroof on 12/1/2010

Great software. Great and fast response with any and all support issues. Attention paid to individual customization. Five stars...

PowerSaveUPS - Taken from Version Tracker site - testimonial left by Cailen Waddell on 6/10/2009

I am using PowerSaveUPS on a small Filemaker Server deployment. Everything works as described and its not too hard to develop applescripts if you are reasonably tech savy. If you aren't, the included ones will help out most users. Communicates well with my off-brand UPS, which is great...

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