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STRONGSOFT  - SS-STK Bundle (iOS) - available in the App Store!
  STRONGSOFT Studio Toolkit Bundle - this bargain bundle contains all the plugins below at an incredibly low price! (in AUv3 and standalone format) Download on the App Store
  SS-PEQ6 is a pro 6-band parametric equaliser, with comprehensive metering, spectrum analyser and filter band visualisation - for iOS (AUv3 and Standalone)  
  SS-F1v Flanger is a comprehensive professional flanger featuring accurate metering, spectrum analysis, and detailed LFO visualisation. It features three 'themes' - 'VIN' (vintage), 'MIN' (minimal) and 'SIN' (SSL inspired) - for iOS (AUv3 and Standalone)  
  SS-SG is an AUv3 and standalone Signal Generator featuring Sine, Triangle, Saw +, Saw -, Square and Noise waveforms, visualisation and comprehensive metering - for iOS (AUv3 and Standalone)  
  SS-C1v plugin - A comprehensive laboratory-grade compressor with visualizers and spectrum analyser - for iOS (AUv3 and Standalone)  
  Download on the App Store

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