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UMMU Box Rev 2 Information:-
All Rev 2 Boxes shipped after February 2019 have the latest firmware (2.4.3) already installed, and are ready to use.

UMMU Box Rev 2 software - version 2.4.3 - available here!
If you have a Rev 2 Box with a firmware version less that 2.4.3, then updating your software will result in a general performance improvement for all users.


UMMU Box Rev 2- Now in stock!

Rev 2 UMMU Boxes are now in stock, and are now available on eBay and on this site (cheaper here!)
The Rev 2 Box has WiFi built in, so you don't need an external router.

UMMU Box Rev 2 (WiFi built in) - including PSU and USB Cable:-
Price inc. Shipping

UMMU Box Rev 2 (WiFi built in) - Box only - (PSU and USB Cable NOT included:-
Price inc. Shipping

The UMMU Box Rev 2 performs an LED sequence on power-up, the meaning of which is as follows:

// init

long green
long red
5 short green
5 short red


// box revision:

2 simultaneous green and red flashes = Rev 2


// software revision

number of green flashes = software revision number


//software revision after decimal point

number of red flashes = software revision number after decimal point

for example, if software revision is 4 then:-

0 = 2.4.0
1 = 2.4.1
2 = 2.4.2

and so on...

UMMU Box Rev 2- A typical setup...

UMMU Box Rev 2 - DIO Settings on the Console...
01v96 MIDI Setup

01v96 is illustrated...

LS9 settings are similar.

01v and 03D only have MIDI option.

(See below)

UMMU Box Rev 2 - MIDI Settings on the 01v Console...
01v MIDI Setup...

UMMU Box Rev 2 - MIDI Settings on the 01v96 Console...
01v96 MIDI Setup...

UMMU Box Rev 2 - MIDI Settings on the 03D Console...
03D MIDI Setup...

UMMU Box - Settings on iOS device...
  1. Select your UMMU Box Rev 2 from the WiFi menu - your SSID begins with UB-
  2. You will be asked for a password. There is a sticker on your UMMU Box describing how to obtain your password.



The default IP address of the router is:

This IP Address is retrieved automatically on connection to your UMMU Box Rev 2.




If you point your browser to you will get a web control panel (see opposite).

Here you can change WiFi settings. Clicking on the 'here' link takes you to the WiFi Settings page (see below).

Here you can change your WiFi channel, and also monitor Channels that are being used by others (see below)
Here you can see how much traffic is on which channels... For best results pick a channel that is unused or has a high negative signal strength value...

UMMU Box Rev 2 - Problems with internal Connectors
01v96 MIDI Setup

If for any reason you have problems, a connector may have become unseated (this is unlikely as they are secured with 'hot-melt' adhesive).

But just in case, here are the positions...

First for the black wires (a double connector, orientation unimportant) :-

Then for the red wires (single connectors, one is for the green LED, the other for the red LED - just trace them back to the LED and look at the colour [of the LED]).

UMMU Box Rev 2 - Problems with internal Jumpers
01v96 MIDI Setup

If for any reason you have problems, a jumper may have fallen off (quite unusual)

But just in case, here is a picture...

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